Application on Ceramic
Learn this technique with us! Below you find what you need:


  • Opaque water-based primer (BAS-1)
  • Water-based glue (GLU-1)
  • Acrylic adhesive (GLU-2)
  • Final protective (VAR-4)
  • Water-based paint (VAR-2)
  • Pearl Pink Metallic Color (MCC-02)
  • Tiffany 3D crackle effect colored paste (3DK-12)
  • Rice papers for Découpage (EASY-186, DGR-310 and DGR-119)

Tools and supports:

  • Plate with a diameter of 23/25 cm
  • Flat brush 3 cm wide
  • Scissors
  • Spatula
  • Paper tape

little birds
Cracklè Ceramic Dish

Step by step

First Step

Apply the matt water-based primer (BAS-1) with a brush on the ceramic plate and wait for it to dry.

Second Step

Mark the shape to be painted with the paper tape. Then apply the pearl pink metallic color.

Third Step

Once the metallic color has dried, apply the acrylic bonding agent (GLU-2) necessary to adhere the 3D Tiffany crackle effect colored paste (3DK-12).

Fourth Step

In a saucer, start mixing the 3D Tiffany crackle effect colored paste (3DK-12) with a spatula until it is well blended and smooth.

Fifth Step

Then spread the 3D Tiffany crackle effect colored paste (3DK-12) where the pearl pink metallic color has been applied. While waiting for it to dry, start cutting out the wisteria flowers and birds.

Sixth Step

Wait for the 3D Cracklè paste to dry and then apply a final protective layer (VAR-4) to protect and to make the 3D Cracklè paste adhere to the substrate.

Seventh Step

Once the final protective layer has dried, start folding and cutting out the desired piece from the decoupage paper (DGR-119) and glue it to the backing.

Eighth Step

Glue the wisteria clippings and the desired birds. Then protect your creation with water-based varnish (VAR-2) for a matte satin effect.

Ninth Step

The birds and wisteria flowers can be positioned as desired.

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