The Italian excellence in the production of papers and products for the découpage .
Thanks to the close collaboration with the best illustrators and the constant desire to create trends through unique and refined illustrations, we have always managed to be one step ahead of our competitors, confirming ourselves as leaders in the production of paper for decoration.
Over the years, in fact, the production of decoupage paper has been flanked by products created to meet the new constant demands of the market: stencils, mortars, acrylic pastes, colors and products for furniture decoration, and so on.
Our company is also able to offer its customers customized printing solutions and not necessarily related to the field of decoration, such as posters, postcards, brochures and much more.

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Our papers

Porous Paper

Fabriano papers are the best because they welcome the glue well and make it penetrate avoiding the formation of air bubbles.
Generally they are of heavy weight (100 gr.) And it is difficult to hide the thickness even if drowned in many coats of flatting. The CAL / F, PR, ENS, ERS papers are of a lower weight (80 gr.), Designed for a simple and refined decoupage: the colors are more charged thanks to the absorption of the paper.
The 70x100 ENL and ERL collection is the cardboard paper par excellence.

Coated Paper

With coated papers the colors are brighter, but it is almost always necessary to moisten them before gluing to remove the coating that would make the glue ``slip away`` and to allow the paper fibers to ``stretch`` adhering to the object without wrinkles or bubbles to decorate. These also exist in various weights, our choice for the CAL, CHR, FIAM, DE and DE COUNTRY, YOUNG, GIFT collections is on an 80 gr paper.

Easy Paper

The easy paper is the result of the search for a paper that is lighter than the coated one and with higher qualities of adhesion, elasticity, resistance. In agreement with an Italian paper mill, the mixture for Easy paper has been CREATED ON A CALAMBOUR PATENT SINCE 2002, making it unique on the decoration paper market, with a product ranging from 58 to 62 gr. As many as 153 cards from our collection are printed on this card which since 2005 can also use the title of ACID & LIGNIN FREE.

Rice Paper

Mulberry papers are better known as rice papers even though they are made from the mulberry tree. They are mainly hand made papers, with a very low percentage of processing with mechanical machines. They are of Indian production and respect the ethical standards of the production chain and the production cycle, under the respect of human and workers' rights (for example, it guarantees that the certified companies from which it purchases do not exploit child labor). On these cards the CO, PAU, MSK, RP, LOLA cards are printed.

Matte Paper

By printing our Scrapbooking paper collections we wanted to ensure the best quality that this paper offers to those who use it: a weight of 140 gr. which guarantees perfect gluing on photo albums and great versatility in use for the decoration of objects, creation of postcards, ATC (artist trading card), cartonage and anything else that requires a thicker paper. All the products of the Scrapbour line are ACID FREE, CHLORINE & LIGNIN FREE to guarantee a product that lasts over time, to preserve photographs and memories.

The excellent quality of the materials and designs used, confirms us at the top of the world market.


We create unique cards by searching for ancient illustrations taken from books, postcards, magazines, etc.


We distinguish ourselves from the competition also thanks to the collaboration with the best Italian illustrators.


We provide both free and paid courses on the different decorative techniques related to the products.


All orders will be shipped directly from our warehouses as soon as possible.


We are a leader in the international market for decoration papers

Great care was taken in the selection of the technical characteristics of the paper to obtain a high quality product, not only for the beauty of the designs but also in consideration of the application: decoupage, cardboard, print-room and scrapbooking.

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