Application on Wood
Learn this technique with us! Below you find what you need:


  • Opaque water-based primer (BAS-1)
  • Water-based glue (GLU-1)
  • Acrylic adhesive (GLU-2)
  • Final protective (VAR-4)
  • Water-based paint (VAR-2)
  • Metallic dove gray color (MCC-03)
  • Colored paste 3D crackle effect Bordeaux (3DK-14)
  • Rice papers for Découpage (DGR 215 and 272)
  • 3D Woman Card (CPA-20)
  • Stencil (SCB-112)

Tools and supports:

  • MDF or wooden board
  • Flat brush 3 cm wide
  • Scissors
  • Spatula
  • Paper tape
  • Double-sided adhesive tape or silicone
  • Sand paper

Carnation Woman

Step by step

First Step

Apply the matt water-based primer (BAS-1) with a brush on the wooden board and wait for it to dry. Once dry, use sandpaper to make it smoother.

Second Step

With the paper tape, mark an area of 4 cm. Then apply the dove-gray metallic color (MCC-03) and once dry apply the acrylic bonding agent (GLU-2).

Third Step

On a small plate, mix the 3D Bordeaux crackle effect colored paste (3DK-14) until smooth.

Fourth Step

Apply the crackle paste with a spatula over the area previously colored with the metallic dove gray color and the adhesion agent.

Fifth Step

Glue the decoupage rice paper (DGR-215) using water-based glue (GLU-1).

Sixth Step

Remove the paper tape and cut out the rice paper subjects (DGR-272).

Seventh Step

Glue the cut out subjects with water-based glue (GLU-1).

Eighth Step

Create the decorations with the metallic color dove gray (MCC-03) on the stencil (SCB-112) using the spatula.

Ninth Step

While waiting for everything to dry, cut the 3D card (CPA-20) and compose the woman.

Tenth Step

Protect the crackle paste with the final protective (VAR-4) and then position the woman and glue it with the water-based glue (GLU-1).

Here's what you need