Application on Terracotta
Learn this technique with us! Below you find what you need:


  • Gripping effe antique oxidized (AOE-00)
  • Faux verdigris paste (AOE-01)
  • False verdigris oxidant effect (AOE-02)
  • Rice paper for Découpage (TCR-35)
  • Water-based glue (GLU-1)
  • Water-based paint (VAR-2)
  • Cashmere chalky color (SH-140)
  • Stencil (SCB-110)
  • White Rice Paper for Decoupage (CRC-00)

Tools and supports:

  • Cachepot
  • Flat brush 30
  • Scissors
  • Spatula
  • Paper tape

donna moet and chandon
Faux Oxidized Vase

Step by step

First Step

Tape four segments onto the cachepot. Then apply the oxidized antique effect bonding agent (AOE-00) with a brush and wait for it to dry.

Second Step

Apply the false verdigris effect paste (AOE-01) with the brush on the surface where the adhesion agent has been applied. Go directly to the next step while the product is still wet.

Third Step

Tape off those undecorated parts and then place the cachepot on cardboard on the floor.

Fourth Step

Spray the false verdigris effect oxidizer (AOE-02) over the entire surface without overdoing it.

Fifth Step

Drying times vary from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity of the air. Meanwhile, cut out the paper.

Sixth Step

Remove the masking tape and start painting the undecorated parts with chalky cashmere color (SH-140). Wait for it to dry without forcing it with the hairdryer.

Seventh Step

After cutting out the subjects that you will use to decorate the cachepot, start positioning them with a piece of paper tape to create the composition.

Eighth Step

Start gluing the cutouts to create the final decoration step by step.

Additional embellishment can be added to the cachepot by creating a three-dimensional decoration using the stencil (SCB-110) with the faux verdigris paste (AOE-01).

Ninth Step

Place the stencil on the white rice paper sheet (CRC-00) and then spread the false verdigris effect paste (AOE-01) with the spatula.

Tenth Step

Repeat the operation and create another strip of decorations. Remove and wash the stencil immediately.

Eleventh Step

Place the rice paper sheet with the decorations on the cardboard on the ground and spray it with the false verdigris oxidizer (AOE-02).

Twelfth Step

Once the decorations have dried, cut out the subject of the decoration that will be applied on the parts painted with the chalky cashmere color (SH-140) of the cachepot.

Thirteenth Step

Glue the decorations with water-based glue (GLU-1) on the parts painted with the chalky cashmere color (SH-140).

Fourteenth Step

When the process is finished, apply water-based paint (VAR-2) to protect your creation.

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