Application on Plastic
Learn this technique with us! Below you find what you need:


  • Opaque water-based primer (BAS-1)
  • Water-based glue (GLU-1)
  • Acrylic adhesive (GLU-2)
  • Final protective (VAR-4)
  • Water-based paint (VAR-2)
  • Metallic dove gray color (MCC-03)
  • Colored paste 3D crackle effect Bordeaux (3DK-14)
  • Rice papers for Découpage (DGR 215 and 272)
  • 3D Woman Card (CPA-20)
  • Stencil (SCB-112)

Tools and supports:

  • MDF or wooden board
  • Flat brush 3 cm wide
  • Scissors
  • Spatula
  • Paper tape
  • Double-sided adhesive tape or silicone
  • Sand paper

Carnation Woman

Step by step

First Step

Apply the water-based primer with the flat brush on the object.

Allow to dry and apply a second coat of primer.

Spread a coat of acrylic paint over the dry mortar.

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Second Step

Cut out the chosen subjects with scissors or a classic paper cutter.

If it were rice paper, wet the paper with a thin brush, following the contours of the design and tear the subject following the wet contours.

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Third Step

If the subject is heavy paper, we recommend a thin layer of glue under the paper.

Rice paper: if the subject is in light paper, it can be glued directly onto the previously glued object.

Classic paper: it needs to be wet before applying the glue.

Begin to glue the subjects and once dry, apply a coat of protective varnish.

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Fourth Step

On this box we used the decoupage technique, the stencil with relief mortar and the shabby technique.

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