Application on Metal
Learn this technique with us! Below you find what you need:


  • Opaque water-based primer (BAS-1)
  • Water-based glue (GLU-1)
  • Water-based paint (VAR-2)
  • Rice paper for Découpage (TT-03)
  • Stencil (SCM-216)
  • Smooth effect paste (MD-2)
  • Cashmere chalky color (SH-140)
  • Color chalky green (SH-740)
  • Milk chalky color (SH-110)
  • White Rice Paper for Decoupage (CRC-00)

Tools and supports:

  • Watering can
  • Flat brush 3 cm wide
  • Scissors
  • Spatula
  • Paper tape
  • Sand paper
  • Roller

heart roses
Watering Can

Step by step

First Step

With the spatula spread the smooth effect paste (MD-2) on the stencil (SCM-216) which has been positioned upside down. Let it dry.

Second Step

Lightly sand the metal and then apply the opaque water-based primer (BAS-1) with a clean brush. Let it dry and then apply the chalky latte color (SH-110) with a sponge all over the watering can.

Third Step

With a roller, apply the chalky cashmere color (SH-140) on the stencil that has been spread on
white rice paper (CRC-00). Repeat several times and let it dry.

Fourth Step

Cut out the stencil flowers painted on white rice paper.

Fifth Step

Glue the label made with the smooth effect paste that was made in the first step. Apply the water-based glue (GLU-1) on the side of the paste and then glue it onto the watering can.

Sixth Step

Cut out the desired subjects from the rice paper (TT-03).

Seventh Step

Glue the cut out subjects of rice paper (TT-03) onto the watering can.

Eighth Step

Glue the flowers obtained from the stencil to the watering can.

Ninth Step

Decorate the handle and the top of the watering can with a color of your choice.

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