Application on Fabric
Learn this technique with us! Below you find what you need:


  • Rice paper for Découpage (TCR-04)
  • Easy Classic Paper for Découpage (EASY-16, EASY-153 or EASY-206)
  • Acrylic adhesive (GLU-2)
  • Glossy water-based varnish (VAR-1)

Tools and supports:

  • Straw bag
  • Flat brush
  • Scissors
  • Small bowl with water and absorbent paper
  • White sheet and pencil
  • Colored fabric ribbon
  • Corals to hang and nylon thread
  • Assembly glue for interiors and decorations

Sea Bag

Step by step

First Step

Measure the surface of the bag on which the paper will be glued and draw the space on a sheet.

Second Step

Cut out the shape obtained in the first step and trace it on the desired paper to make the background of the decoration.

Third Step

Cut out the paper and place it on the bag to determine the space on which the glue will spread.

Fourth Step

Spread the acrylic bonding agent (GLU-2) on the chosen surface with a brush.

Fifth Step

Glue the cut-out paper onto the adhesive applied first and then secure it with another coat of adhesive. Let it dry.

Sixth Step

Cut out the shells and corals precisely (EASY-16 paper).

Seventh Step

Choose the position of the cut out subjects on the bag by doing some tests.

Eighth Step

Moisten the scraps and remove excess water with absorbent paper.

Ninth Step

Spread the adhesive over the areas where the cut out subjects will be glued.

Tenth Step

Apply the cutouts and secure them with the acrylic bonding agent.

Eleventh Step

Once dry, apply the water-based glossy varnish (VAR-1) on the decoration.

Twelfth Step

Create a bow with the colored fabric ribbon and glue it to the bag using the assembly glue for interiors and decorations.

Thirteenth Step

Thread the nylon thread through the coral holes and tie it around the bow.

Fourteenth Step

To decorate this object, you can also use any card from the coastal collection or cards on the Sea theme.

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